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10 Reasons Why Small Towns Are Best For Exchange

A lot can change in a year. I’ve changed in a year. My surroundings have changed twice in a year, but everyone back home is still the same. Have you as a past, present, or future exchange student...

8 Things To Do To Fully Experience Shanghai

With an official population of 25; and an unofficial population of 35; million people, Shanghai never fails to impress and deliver an amazing experience on every step. The city and its energy had me...

10 Things To Do In Leeuwarden

Welcome to Leeuwarden The Netherlands is a very nice country to study abroad in - cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Tilburg or Groningen are top picks. But few know about Leeuwarden, another...

10 Inspirational People I Met While Travelling Solo

During my exchange, I had the privilege of travelling solo to many different states across Europe and even to a small segment of Africa and Asia. While engaging in all these travels, I had the...

Living The American Life: A FLEX Student’s Story

That blue FLEX T-shirt was so ready to be washed. After eight hours long flight, we finally landed. Around 40 students from Serbia and Montenegro landed on US ground last August and started their...
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