100 for $100 Challenge

Travel Guide 100 shares challenge

As the school term is starting and your travel adventures have concluded, it’s time to share your tips & travel guides! Why not use your experiences to take part in this 100 shares challenge?

This August and September, exchangebuddy is giving you student travelers a chance to be rewarded with $100 cash once you have achieved 100 Facebook shares on your article (refer to requirements below).

Details of the challenge:

  • No age restrictions and not required to have participated in an exchange program.
  • Articles will be reviewed and posted from 1st Aug 2017 until 10th September 2017.
  • To increase your chances, submit your articles ASAP so that it could get published earlier to gain shares.
  • Participants will need to submit an article via exchangebuddy platform. You will be notified via email once your article has been published.
  • Participants are advised to back up their article in a word document in the event of a technical issue.
  • First 3 contributors to receive 100 shares on one of their articles will each receive $100 CASH. (Please refer to the FAQ on how Facebook shares are counted)
  • SHARE THIS POST so that we know that you are taking part in this competition!

Drop us a mail at [email protected] if there’s anything you’re unsure of!

Alternative, download the template and email us at [email protected]


Can I submit my article before 1st August 2017?

Of course, you can! Your article will be posted from 1st August onwards and it’ll give you a head start on the sharing since each article has to be verified before it is published 😊

What shares will be counted?

Only Facebook shares will be counted for this event. Shares are only counted for articles posted from 1st Aug 2017 onwards and articles will be posted on exchangebuddy Facebook page .

*Do note that article count on exchangebuddy platform is not accurate as it includes likes and comments.

How many articles can I submit?

As many as you want! Increase your chance for a viral article and get that $100 SGD. Do note that the share count of each article is independent of the others.

How would I know how many shares I have?

The number of shares can be found on the Facebook post that exchangebuddy shared on your article. your article as featured on exchangebuddy (Refer to example post below.) 


Content Requirements

What kind of content are we looking out for?

Well, we do not want to limit your creativity! However, you can think of content ranging from travel itineraries, What to and How to travel guides.

What is the ideal word length?

We recommend 500 – 1200 words.

Are pictures required?

Absolutely! We recommend at least 3 photos relevant to your article, but the more the better. After all, what’s a travel journal without photos? 😊