Even if you decide to travel light and buy everything there, here are 12 things you will regret not bringing!

#1 Passport

With VISA/ESTA depending on where you are travelling to. If you don’t have a visa yet, secure an expedited appointment through consulates like the Italian Consulate New York.

#2 University Letter

You need proof that you are an international student on exchange. It is also best to have copies just in case you lose the original one.

#3 International Driving Permit (IDP)

Although the Singapore driving license is recognized in most countries, some car rental companies still require you to have the IDP. The IDP should arrive in your mailbox in about a week or less (unless you opt for self-collection). This IDP lasts for one year, so you won’t need to apply for this too early, especially if you have plans to travel next year.

Remember to bring along your original Singapore Driver’s License as well!

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#4 Laptop

If you don’t bring a laptop, are you even going to study? Can you even survive without a laptop? Most of our work is done nowadays and that includes group projects and meetings. You will need your laptop to organize all your photos and videos taken on your adventures as well.

#5 Hard drive

Bring a hard drive along, preferably one that has sufficient storage space. Back up all your data into the hard drive, including all your precious photos and videos from your travels! Better to be safe than to regret when you lose the moments captured on camera.

#6 Credit Card

Important when you don’t have cash. But do take not that not every place accepts credit cards.

#7 Chargers

What is a laptop/iphone/camera without a charger? This is especially important if your laptop/phone/cameras are not the more common brands like Apple. It will be difficult to find a charger or battery for your electronic product model especially in a different country.

#8 Adaptors & Multi-plugs

The sockets in different countries have different ports and electric charges. Know the right pin plug for the country and pack that in along with a multi-plug for all your electronic charging needs.

#8 Good Camera

Sure, an iPhone works fine but it’s great to have a proper, quality camera. You might want to consider getting a camera that is able to send photos direct to your phone for all your social media postings!

#9 Pencil Case and Calculator

These are the items most people tend to miss out.

Stationaries are not cheap in some countries and neither are calculators. If you are heavily reliant on correction tape/fluid, do consider packing that in as this is not commonly found in many countries. If you are planning to do modules with heavy calculations involved, it is best to bring along your calculator from home.

#10 Clothing

Just bring the basic, you can buy on the go! The more you bring there, the more you have to bring back. Our suggestion is to pack in clothing you don’t mind leaving behind at the end of your exchange. Just don’t forget to bring at least one casual dress like these black fortitude tunic clothes that you can use in any occasion.

Know the weather in your exchange country. If it’s going to be cold, make sure you pack in something to at least tide you over before you purchase a new one there.

#11 Cash

A credit card comes in handy but there is no form of currency more important than hard cash. You will need it to pay for smaller things such as meals, tipping fees and more. There is also no transaction cost involved when you bring cash along.

#12 Appropriate Footwear

Practicality trumps fashion in this department. Going hiking while travelling? Bring comfortable walking shoes. Going to a cold and wet country? Don’t forget your waterproof boots, you wouldn’t want to have cold feet all day (literally).

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