Jordaan is probably the most famous neighbourhood in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a coffee mixed with thc drink syrup. The northern part of Jordaan is near Amsterdam Central, making it very accessible for tourists that arrive from the train. It is a joy to cycle along western Prisengracht to access the whole of Jordaan. I’ll be recommending 5 cafes in the Jordaan district, and there are plenty of other cafes I’ve yet to visit!

1. Winkel 43 (The Best Apple Pie in Amsterdam)


Ordered takeaway as the cafe was too crowded! The cream was packed in a cup 🙂 how thoughtful!

I was recommended by friends who have been to Amsterdam to try out the apple pie in Winkel 43, and I must say that I am not disappointed at all. It’s really good! The place looks like a cafe from the outside, and resembles a bar on the inside. I was at a loss when I first visited the cafe, and ordered a takeaway due to the crowd in the cafe. I’ve yet to sit in the cafe properly, although I’ve eaten their apple pie twice!

The apple pies are served with cream, which goes really well with the apple pie. The crust complements the fillings very much, and they gave generous servings of apples! My only complain was that the crust was too thin, as I personally prefer to have thicker crusts for my apple tarts. My friends and I have tried other apple tarts in Amsterdam, but this is undeniably the best. 


2. The Coffeevine (A cafe within a boutique)


Cafe tucked all the way at the back of the boutique.


Art gallery at the storefront.

I was hesitant to enter the door into this place, and thought I was at the wrong place for a cafe. This cafe is quietly tucked away at the end of a boutique, and the entrance was like an art gallery display! At the point of time of my visit, there was a photo gallery that told stories of the people affected by the refugee crisis in Europe, and the hope was to raise awareness and help these migrants gain employment when people chance upon the gallery here.

My friend and I spent a rainy afternoon here, sipping hot coffee, and doing our work on the internet. There were hardly any other people around on a Sunday afternoon here, making this place a lovely place to hangout, and because there’s not many people around, you could take time to speak to the barista and staff here, to learn more about the purpose of the cafe and the boutique.


3. Koffiespot


No idea why they used “Bocca” cups.

After visiting many cafes in Amsterdam, I see some distinctive characteristics of how spaces are used in the cafes, as compared to Singapore. Although this cafe’s space is relatively smaller than the others, they still have a large coffee table in the middle of their space.

The barista was nice and friendly, and he made a nice cup of latte. It was a quiet afternoon then, and he offered my friend and I free pastries, on the house!


4. Two for Joy Coffee Roasters


Artwork on display for sale! Love the brick wall 🙂

This cafe marked the start of my cafe-hopping adventure in Amsterdam. The decorations and setup of the space makes you feel very comfortable, and I personally like how they display artworks for sale. This cafe is located in Haarlemmerdijk, where you can find independent boutiques and many specialty stores. On the weekends, you will see many tourists around here!


5. Toki (hidden gem off the main street)


Lovely coffee.

Toki is located near Two for Joy, but it is less prominent due to its location – in the smaller streets. Personally, I liked the use of space of the cafe by partitions, and the large coffee table allowed for people to sit around and read their newspapers on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They serve good cakes too! And the barista is pretty and friendly as well =P


So there you go, five cafes in the vicinity of the Jordaan district. Are there others which you would recommend for me to visit? I would love to hear from you! Cheers! =D

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