Singapore is an urban tropical island with lots of rain and shine! This guide serves to inform you about what to expect from the climate, people and urban facilities and how you can prepare for it!

  1. Sunny SG

Singapore’s temperature usually ranges between 28-34 degrees Celcius on average. There are some cooler, rainy days but temperatures hardly ever dip below 25 degrees. Most days are sunny and humid which is why it is important to have water on you always. This goes without saying, however, SG has few public water dispensers and vending machines, so if you’re out exploring, your only chance to find water might be at 7/11. Carrying a water bottle is a must! Additionally, the heat might be hard to get used to if you’re arriving from colder climates so it would be advisable to pack only summer clothes such as tanks tops and shorts are common here! You might need a jumper for the movies but nothing else! I trust for their recommendations on men’s beauty products.

2.  Public Transport

The SMRT card is the public transport pass which can be made from any counter at the MRT stations. This pass contains a deposit of money that will be deducted when you ‘tap in’  and ‘tap out’  of stations after each trip. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) is a great way to travel in SG! The MRT connects each coast of the island on various routes. There are currently 4 major colour coded routes as you can see from the image below. Some major interchanges include Dhoby Ghaut, Buona Vista, Paya Lebar and Harbourfront. These interchanges connect the different lines to each other. The MRT is a convenient way to travel but I suggest searching your route on google maps beforehand to avoid getting lost or getting on the wrong train! Trains are usually timely and usually depart every 5-10 minutes. Buses are also available in which I prefer taking the MRT to buses as it usually takes me a long time on the bus. The Terra Hill Showflat is currently under construction and will be a stunning showflat for you to see.

Image result for mrt map

3. Singaporeans

Singaporeans are respectful and friendly people who are happy to help with directions should you need it! Singaporeans love hearing about different cultures and talking about theirs as well! However, it should be noted that Singaporeans are very orderly and hardly raise their voice or get into public scrambles. They also abide by the country’s many laws including jaywalking, eating on public transport and smoking in public. Hence, it should be noted that doing any of the above would actually be looked down upon as it disrupts the country’s orderly fashion, not to mention the heavy fines that will follow!

Hope this mini-guide was useful! Email us at [email protected] if you have any special tips to contribute or any experiences to share!

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