I have trouble pronouncing the word “Cuyp”: cup? cupy? kip? kaip? Anyway, Albert Cuyp Market is a daily market (but closes on Sundays) that sells almost anything and everything that you need – fruits, vegetables, juices, cheese, fish, to iphone charging cable, clothes, hoodies, and shampoo. For those who wish to look for nice first-hand bicycles, there is a shop here for you!

I’ve been to the market three times so far, and I’ve found the usual stalls that I would visit to get the food that I like. These included the famous stroopwaffle stall (for freshly made stroopwaffles), a stall selling poffertjes, a stall that sells halal chicken snacks, a nutty stall, and a shop that sells a variety of tea leaves!

Of course, there’s a lot more to Albert Cuyp rather than what I’ve just mentioned above. Do pay a visit to this market when you are in Amsterdam! I’m sure you will not leave this market empty-handed or with an empty stomach.

*Apologies that I am not able to give the exact location of the stalls I am about to introduce as they are located along the whole stretch of road. But they are there, the stalls don’t run away =P

1. Original Stroopwafels


On my first visit to Albert Cuyp Market, I was only looking for this famous original stroopwafels stall. There will always be a small queue for this stall so you will definitely not miss this! Freshly made stroopwaffles are sold for €1.50 for the original flavour, and €2 for a half-chocolate coated stroopwaffle.

The stroopwaffle will be handed over to you, and you will be reminded to “hold it flat” while eating, so that the stroopwaffle retains its shape. The caramel fillings isn’t too sweet to taste, and because of the larger-than-normal size, one stroopwaffle was enough to satisfy my craving!


That’s me, the stroopwaffle on my hand, and an annoyed child in a pram =P

2. Poffertjes


Thanks to Mei Ling for being the hand and leg model.

I only discovered this sugary and satisfying poffertjes on my second trip to Albert Cuyp Market, thanks to the girls in my group =) Poffertjes are traditional Dutch pancakes with a light, fluffy, and spongy texture. It goes really well with some butter, melted over the warm pancakes, and a generous serving of icing sugar on them – like this plate!

If I remember correctly, a small plate like this costs just €2!

3. Fresh NUTS!

Are nuts ever fresh? I’m not sure, but there are two stalls (and maybe more) along Albert Cuyp Market that sells all kinds of nuts. I love to get a mix of macademia, almond, walnut, and cashew. For 500g, it costs me €3.50. You can choose either the salted or unsalted mix. It’s a nice snack to munch on when you are bored. I sometimes put a handful of mixed nuts into the oven to warm them up, making them crispy 🙂

4. Halal Chicken


This sandwich is €3, but the whole chicken behind it (in the oven) costs just €3.50!?

Halal food is not as easy to find here in Amsterdam as it is in Singapore. Some restaurants, although claiming that they are halal, still serve pork in their menu! That is atrocious!

Imagine how happy we were when we saw this stall that sells halal chicken and snacks. They are known for their chicken, displayed rotating in their ovens. There are two of such shops along Albert Cuyp, and we tried one of them. The above chicken sandwich, topped with cheese, costs only €3. If you wish to have more, they also sell chicken satay, roasted spring chicken, salads, etc.

5. The Tea Shop and more

The shop isn’t called the tea shop, and I do not know if the shop has a name at all. It was on my third visit to Albert Cuyp Market that I discovered this gem selling all kinds of tea in their shop, with the accessories to go along with tea-drinking.


These bags of tea range from €2 to €8++! From the basic tea to the premium ones.

I like how the tea leaves are packed in 60 grams, sealed and airtight plastics. I bought two packets – Sencha Lady Grey (€2) and Darjeeling Earl Grey (€2.25) – just to try. I would come back here once more before, to purchase new and novel teas for me to bring back to Singapore!

That’s all for my recommendations in Albert Cuyp Market. There are a lot more to see and eat here – fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as juices. Do let me know if you found a shop that I should visit and recommend! Visit https://www.juicebuff.com/ for green juice recipes.

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