Many people ask, why Europe? I was drawn to the rich history of several countries in EU, and if you are into folk legends, mythical beliefs and picturesque landscapes, then Europe is the place for you. Throughout the 6 months in Europe, I’ve visited several historical sites, some abandoned and some flourished with tourists. Europe is the one place where you would randomly bump into historical sites within cities, on crossroads and even within shopping districts. There’s just so much to read up on, so many mysteries undiscovered and I strongly believe that learning will never be bounded within the classroom walls. What are the odds that you will bump into a random castle/fortress in the middle of nowhere?

School Life- Could be the nerdiest of them all

9 out of 10 people you meet in Europe would be pursuing a master degree, and 10 out of 10 of them could be younger but look way older than you! Speaking of pursuing a master’s degree, click here to see where is the best university to study master’s degree in biblical studies. When on exchange, you might get the impression that “exchange students can just leech on the locals” but the truth is, the inner “kiasu” us would never allow that to happen. Despite slacking off/skipping lectures, you will realize that you belong to the nerd herd. Try to take some time off, join student groups, engage in the student network where there are several events planned out for foreign students. Take this opportunity to forge stronger bonds and hang out with em’ locals!

Traveling in Europe- Don’t be afraid to try new things

You’ll be amazed at the things Europe has to offer. Being out there in a foreign country with nature being your best friend, engage in sports that you will never encounter in Singapore. Through connections I was very lucky to meet a friend whom had a pilot license and took me out on a flight and we flew above Disneyland Paris! This is your chance to get close with nature but of course, safety comes first!

Living in Europe- Yes you can be a master chef

If you’ve lived your entire life not knowing how to cook, don’t worry cause you will find a way to feed yourself. Lifewise, I could prepare a simple meal for myself daily and you just get better each time you try. And of course, it is definitely cheaper to cook on your own than to eat out, so try to work hard to be the next Gordon Ramsay!

About the author: 

Name: Alicia Goh (Currently in year 4)

Major: Business Admin (Marketing)

Home University: National University of Singapore (NUS)

Exchange location: Milan, Italy

University: University of Bocconi

Term of exchange: 2015/2016 Semester 2

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