South Korea

Hilman shows you what to do in South Korea!

What to do in South Korea - Seoul Hello everyone! Hilman here! Contrary to many beliefs, there are many things ...
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Kimdrew explores Seoul, takes the train to Busan and more!

SKKU was a great choice because… Many opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. We had groupmates of various nationalities Fun “cultural activities” ...
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Huilong’s Korea Trippin’

안녕하세요 여러분! My name is Huilong and went on exchange at Hanyang University, South Korea ??.  Many people have been ...
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Planning a Ski Trip – South Korea

Planning a Ski Trip in South Korea - PyeongChang Phoenix Park Since it was nearing the end of Winter when ...
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Hikes in South Korea : Mt. Yongmasan (용마산)

Hike South Korea! Seoul is surrounded by dozens of beautiful mountains, with different altitudes and terrains, catered to various difficulty ...
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Hanyang University’s accommodation and Independence Day

Hi everyone! I’m Desmond, an undergraduate from the School of Information Systems in Singapore Management University. Like a few other ...
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South Korea: Traveling out of Seoul

Hey guys! So for all of you planning to go Korea for your exchange programme, I can safely assume that you ...
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SEP in South Korea

Hello peeps! I'm Gladys from NUS Business and I'm currently an exchange student of Korea University. This is my first ...
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