The Benediktenwand Challenge

Of all 4 hikes that I have embarked in Bavaria, Benediktenwand was by far the most challenging. There were times when we were holding on to metal rails at the edge of the mountain. There were also times when we were down on all fours trying to overcome large boulders at almost 90 degrees angles. If you want a a challenge, take the Benediktenwand route.

Misty mountains

The weather was terrible during the most part of the hike. It was really cloudy and as we were so high up, we were literally hiking in the clouds. For those who wanted the ‘Misty Mountains’ experience, they got their wish fulfilled.


Pushing Ahead

If you think about it, a hike is a good analogy to life’s journey. Don’t you agree? Everyone is fighting their own battles, including yourself. You push yourself to climb another boulder, another rock and another and another. While enduring your aching thighs and thoughts of sitting in your apartment doing absolutely nothing, you finally reach the peak and the entire journey suddenly made sense. You made it to the top.

Almost swept away by the wind

My favourite part of every hike, unlike many others, is not the point when I reach the summit. It is actually the time when I return to my apartment and looking back at the hike before heading to bed. I never imagined myself going for such a journey, considering the fact that Singapore has no mountains. I have never hiked up a mountain before and I told myself that before I leave Munich, I must do it at least once. I might never have the chance to do it again.

There is a sense of accomplishment that is strangely fulfilling. My time in Munich may have felt entirely different if I did not decide to take the challenge of hiking.

Singapore, Australia & Finland represent!


Getting There

From Munich, as usual, get the Bayern Ticket if you are embarking this hike during the weekends with your friends. Take the BOB Train to the station called Lenggries. There is a bus at the station that brings you to the cable car that brings you midway up Benediktenwand. Bring some cash for this cable car service. There is a Hütte midway whereby you can rest.

Getting Back

You can follow the route to Benediktenbeuern, a small town adjacent to Benediktenwand. There is a train station there that brings you back to Munich HBF. Make sure you check the train departure timings through the DB website.


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