General Tips

Checklist For Choosing The Right Accommodation

One of the biggest questions when going overseas to study is: to stay on campus or to find an accommodation off campus? On-campus accommodations make it more convenient and easier to settle (some have meal plans as well), but often at a higher cost. Off campus accommodations include Airbnb options as well as from property […]

Why You Should Go For Student Exchange Programme (SEP)

Why You Should Go For Student Exchange Programme (SEP) I am sure many friends and seniors have sung about their wonderful SEP journeys. From cooking simple meals abroad with other students to the exciting travel adventures, allow me to give you my 2 cents worth as to why you SHOULD go for Student Exchange Programme […]

How to Apply for NUS Student Exchange Programme in 6 Easy Steps

For NUS Students: Starting the Application Process Are you interested in applying for the NUS Student Exchange Programme (SEP), but are unsure of the application process? My name is Min Han, and I will be breaking down the NUS SEP application process into 6 simple steps. I will be covering what I went through, as […]

Your ULTIMATE GUIDE To An Exchange In Singapore

Singapore’s a hot (literally), destination for students to go on exchange. There’s absolutely no need to worry about communication, food, transportation, entertainment and more. #1 Take The Public Transport ALL THE TIME Singaporeans might complain about the breakdowns or delays once in a while, but when you compare it to the transport systems in other […]

Benefits of Culture Shock During Student Exchange

Benefits of Culture Shock During Student Exchange culture shock noun      1. the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.      2. the act of questioning oneself repeatedly, “what in the world is going on?” So you’re embarking on your […]

National Day Special: What Singaporean Abroad Miss the Most.

Singaporean Abroad miss

What Singaporean abroad miss the most Looking back at my exchange, it is normal for Singaporean students to miss home. Family and friends are definitely part of it but let us take a look at the other 9 things that most Singaporean abroad miss the most! Singlish! Don’t know why leh but most of my foreign friends […]

Exchange Student Bank Comparison

Exchange Student Bank Comparison

Exchange Student Bank Comparison : Singapore to Europe Hi exchange students!  Have you decided on your bank cards to prepare for your exchange? If you are still unsure, give article a read to see if you made the right choice for yourself! This is my third and last article in this series to help you prepare your money options for […]

12 Things You Must Pack In Your Luggage Before Exchange

Even if you decide to travel light and buy everything there, here are 12 things you will regret not bringing! #1 Passport With VISA/ESTA depending on where you are travelling to. #2 University Letter You need proof that you are an international student on exchange. It is also best to have copies just in case […]