Hi, we are Jason and Xinyi, we went on exchange in the UK! Since we’re in different schools, we meet only over the weekends ?  Some weekdays too actually! So it isn’t all that bad! We are both avid travellers! In this exchange, we have covered 10 countries and 40 cities together ✈️? Let’s bring you back to Christmas! Christmas markets are EVERYWHERE in the UK and we go jelly over every market we’ve seen! The Brits treasure Christmas a lot – we were lucky enough to sit on a Christmas-themed steam train ride (think Polar Express ?) and it was magical. We saw Santa Claus giving out presents, families singing christmas carols, even people dressing up as Turkeys and Reindeers (LOL). The culture here is amazing! We had a great christmas, a magical one!

Throwback to warmer days where we backpacked around Europe for a month before school started! Here’s Ronda, a small town built on top of the majestic El Tajo Gorge, and behind us lies the Puento Nuevo bridge (which is listed on Buzzfeed’s 30-places-to-go-before-you-die). The rows of white chalked houses in the town look beautiful too ?
So this is basically our style of travel – we love visiting cities but we also enjoy visiting places less travelled and spending time together, we even got a panty vibrator guide to get this and other toys to enjoy with each other.
‼️TIP ‼️Don’t rush into buying the tourist passes upon stepping into a new city! We bought the 72h Roma Pass (for Rome) but it wasn’t worth the price – many museums were FOC, and transport can be cheap if you find out more from the locals, or make the most out of the country’s system ?

ICELAND! One of the #natgeo paradise! Ever since secondary school geography, it has always been our biggest dreams to embark on an adventure to this Land of Fire and Ice! And to visit it together, that’s a really sweet bonus? Not mentioning that we saw the FREAKING ROMANTIC AURORA?.
To see the northern lights, you have to visit the country from October to March but you will sacrifice daylight. This means you will have shorter day-time to travel around! Going in June is a good choice for Iceland because you will get maximum day light and it is possible to see the midnight sun (yes the sun never sets on that day?) Do find out what you wanna see before planning out the travel period!

As quoted from a friend, “Step out of your comfort zone, they say, but the world is our comfort zone” ? Blessed to be able to take baby steps to becoming adventurous travellers. Switzerland is so beautiful you should rent a car and go! (And stop every 400m to take photos). FYI, petrol and car rental are half the price of that in Iceland? so GO FOR IT! It is now, or never!

Just a 50mins bus from Florence, Greve in Chianti is a small town in the Tuscany region of Italy! With vineyards, chill town life and a killer view like this, we would wanna just elope over and build our house there? Just kidding, this is exchange, not a retirement plan!

What are mountain grades? There exist only two – we can and we cannot || Our Norway trip has got to be one of the most memorable! Full day of hiking after 2 shag nights of overnight transport, the steep climbs and the winds and the distance damn savage. As cheesy as it sounds, this hike really bonded us together and created many emotional moments. And Nature’s views were really worth the fatigue ☺️

Venice is one of the most romantic place in the world! A slight road down from St Mark Square you will see the best view of Grand Canal, St Maria Basilica and the gondolas! If you are hardworking enough, come during sunrise. Definitely the most beautiful and least crowded:) and if you are lucky enough, you may bump into couples taking wedding shots or models having photoshoot! And it is super romantic?

Name: Jason and Xinyi

Home university: National University of Singapore (NUS)

Country/ City: Singapore

Exchange Country/ City: UK

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