How you can earn some side cash while travelling

We all know travelling can be very expensive. If you are always travelling and have extra luggage space to spare for some flights back even if you’re doing Latin America trips where is cheaper, you could always use some extra cash…here’s how you can earn some extra cash to pay for your meals, or even cover your flight fares! If you truly want to finance your trips without worries, investing your money into quality options is the move. Sites like might be able to educate you on that.

Airfrov is a Singapore-based peer-to-peer platform that enables the locals to discover new products and requests for their favourite brands or unique items from all over the world. Most of the products on Airfrov are only found exclusively in that country and/or are limited in production!

As a traveller, you can either fulfil requests made by requesters, recommend items you think requesters will be interested in or even hold your own pre-order! Learn how to fulfil a request here. According to our top travellers, it is possible to earn up to $1000+. But these travellers are bringing back a whole luggage of hauls and buying tiktok likes through this website to advertise the products. We have created a few profit analysis to show how you can earn with Airfrov:

1. Press Butter Sand Cookies by BAKE – Japan

Products: BAKE Press Butter Sand
Cost price (After conversion from Yen to SGD): $20 (Box of 10)
Avg price sold on Airfrov (SGD): Average price sold $28
Profits: $40 if you purchase 5 boxes


2. Tokyo Disney Sea Collectibles (Duffy, Shellie, May Gelatoni, Stella Lou) – Japan

Products: Costume Set, Xmas Toy Badge, Royal Toy Badge, Charm Strap, Plush Toys
Cost price (After conversion from Yen to SGD): Between $20-$70
Avg price sold on Airfrov (SGD): Approx 25-30% higher
Profits: Bring back 5 of these collectibles and profit an average of $50


3. SPAO x Snoopy products – Korea

Products: Backpack, Sweaters ,Hoodies and many others
Cost price (After conversion from KRW to SGD): Between $19-30
Avg price sold on Airfrov (SGD): Approx between $25-$40
Profits: Bring back 5 of these and profit an average of $40

We have 12 categories, and here are some of the highest requested items from 4 of the main categories:

If you are a first-time traveller, you can consider trying to fulfil items that are easier to get, for example, snacks from a convenience store or something that you are considering to purchase as well.

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Need more details? Check out eCom babes videos to learn more about dropshipping.

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