exchangebuddy exchanger event: Beach Volleyball Day 2019!

We invited you guys to come down and play volleyball with us and we’re delighted that the event turned into a great time of bonding – here’s some photos of the friends and memories we made.

Date, time: the first Saturday of the sem, around 10am

Venue: Kallang’s beach volleyball courts

Weather: Cheerfully sunny with just enough cloud cover

Once everyone had gathered, we kicked off immediately – with the games following a sort of self-organised tournament mode (what a genius idea!). Scroll for the photos of our athletic friends:

Sabina, from Germany

Yutaro, from Japan

Ingrid Espero, from Norway

Isoi Katsuhiro, from Japan

Mauroof, from Hong Kong

Tana Mompremier, from Iowa

After a few games, we had some delicious chicken rice and mixed rice for lunch and drinks…..

…and took more photos together 🙂

Tana with our EB team members Woan Jing and Stephy (far right)

On a whole, the volleyball tournament was a great time of fun in the sun ~ Thanks to those who came down, we hope that you guys really enjoyed it because we did and are looking forward to meeting you guys again!

More photographs can be found on our FB page:

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