19 years old Italian Girl from Milan Travels to The United States for Exchange

Beatrice, a university student from Milan, Italy joins the GlobalExchangebuddy Campaign launched by ExchangeBuddy, shares with all students how she ...
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Debunking The Bad Reputation of Naples

There is a theory, that Naples is one of the deepest, darkest and most dangerous, open secret that Italy possess ...
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Paris Alone

It has been an amazing packed few months of adventure and there is more to come. These few days have ...
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4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Venice

My first trip on exchange was to Venice, from 5 to 7 February. Luckily, I arrived a week or two ...
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Muses: Pre-Departure for Bocconi

Preparing for exchange is a stressful process for everyone, from you, to your parents, your extended family, and even your ...
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