A Day in Sitges, Catalonia

Another day trip recommendation would be to head over to Sitges, which is located just Southwest of Barcelona. In fact, I went right before my 5pm class and the timing was perfect!

Date of day trip: 14 Sept 2016IMG_5610.JPG

Getting there: 

We used our T-Jove down to Sitges but do note that Sitges is located at Zone 3 (and our T-Jove was only till Zone 2). Hence, needed extra tickets to get there. It was about 8€ for a return ticket. Nothing too expensive.

Gay Nude Beach?

Sitges is as beautiful like how anyone in Barcelona would explain it to you. It is a coastal town with plenty of beaches! It is also known for its gay nude beach (hehe). If anyone is interested, you can just take a look (I would). You may be able to spot some hot-bods walking around. To be honest, I am not really sure, but I think Sitges might be the perfect destination for the gays because of the pro gay pride there.


Technically was overlooking the nude beach but a little to far to see 🙁

Besides naked guys walking around the beach, Sitges is a nice place to simple explore and walk around with a group of friends (or on your own). Photo opportunities are aplenty. The beaches are really nice as well. So if you have a proper full day, do try to relax and soak up some Spanish sun!

Shopping is good too!! We walked by plenty of clothing shops that were of a good price range. BUT we didn’t mange to get anything because we max-ed our spending limit for the week during the previous days. Nonetheless, something to consider doing!

Furthermore, Sitges has an annual film fest which is happening 7-16 October this year but I didn’t attend because the films were mainly of the horror genre. Horror is just not my thing. But next time, perhaps, if I return to Barcelona and spend more time there, I should probably find out more about the film festival as well as the theme for the year. Something for you to note as well!

#isdiyexplores signing off and until next time!

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