Hello! So the plan was to update this at least once before I left NZ but time got short and the list of stuff to do got longer. I am writing this from a hostel in Warsaw where I will be staying for a few nights before moving into the Uni dorm.

This is the first time in over 25 hours I haven’t been sitting in a plane or an airport and I am very glad it is over. Only had one hiccup with security as I forgot to take a pen out of my pocket in security in Frankfurt which was followed by a full pat down and shoe search etc. I feel tremendously sorry for the man who checked my shoes and feet, after 18 odd hours with warm socks and tramping boots on the smell wouldn’t have been pleasant. That was my shortest layover, only an hour so I had to hustle to the next gate and I was still the last one left, having a bus to myself to take me to the plane.

I did have a pretty severe headache twice when I was coming into land in frankfurt and then in warsaw. Must be something to do with the pressure change but felt like my eyes were going to explode and my nose would burst. If anyone knows anything about that let me know. 🙂

First impressions of Warsaw, it is different (should have expected that!) It is not as cold as I thought, atm it is 4c but it feels warmer than a dunedin morning. I was fine in a windproof jacket and a long sleeve top. No snow anywhere yet and the cool temperatures coupled with some wide footpaths mean some good runs are to be had. Will get started on those tomorrow, as I have not had a proper sleep since Thursday night NZ time.

The time difference is exactly 12 hours difference, Warsaw is 12 behind NZ so nearly 4pm here. This is brilliant as the Premier League games are normally mid morning 2-4 ish in NZ but here that means mid afternoon so I plan to chill out and watch the swans destroy Crystal Palace in a few minutes. I haven’t taken too many photos yet as I have been too tired to do much but got one of the view from my window in the dorm.


There is quite a bit of graffiti around the place and there is a bit of a cold feel to the place (not temp wise). Everything is brown or grey, including the trees so will be nice when spring comes around, although that will bring snow I presume.

Now that I am here, I am far more excited than I was leading up to it, probably because I had no time to think plan for it. I packed the night before I left as that was really the only time I could find with work and the trains.

Tomorrow is a day off to explore, recover and hopefully go for a few runs. There is no better way to get to know a place than in a pair of running shoes.


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