Explore Montserrat, Barcelona with me! #isdiyexplores

Hey guys, Isdiyanah here and I am back! This time I will be sharing with you about my trip to Montserrat, Barcelona!

Date of day trip: 11 Sept 2016 (still warm and not so cold yet then)


Many have recommended a short day trip to Montserrat. I would not simply “it is recommended” but, in fact, say that it is a MUST. This was one of the first real view of nature I had since arriving in Barcelona and the view was simply breathtaking, even while we were taking the cable car up.

Getting there: 

We took the red line down to Espanya & purchased our tickets there. 29.50€ for return tickets on the train, cable car as well as for the funiculars AKA Trans Montserrat. You can take a look at which ticket would best suit your Montserrat exploring day here.

The journey took about 1h15mins for us to get out of Barcelona to the mountain area so try to get a seat!!! (chances are you will)

Plus you should probably check the timings for the train before heading down as you would not want to be waiting the train station for too long.

Things to do there:

Just explore on your own. I feel like thats the beauty of traveling. It allows you to expect the unexpected and it wouldn’t set your hopes up.

By the time we reached it was already around 11plus am in the morning and we were starving so we had our home-cooked lunch! Definitely a good idea as food was generally quite expensive and it was very crowded in the restaurants over at the top, so best to have your own food!


This was where we had our lunch and it was a good photo spot as well wew!

Definitely wear proper shoes if you would want to hike around Montserrat (and I recommend you do to maximise your tickets lol). You do not really need proper-proper hiking boots, because, technically you’ll just be climbing up steps and it was not that bad. And yes the view was amazing just like any other mountains but I feel that every hike you do will bring about a whole set of different experiences, so yes definitely a must! In addition, the place echoes and people occasionally reply to your ‘Olaaaaa!’ so why not? Also, there are plenty of photo stops whenever you want! Big plus for those Instagram posts!

I highly recommend you to bring some snacks along while exploring Montserrat. We brought apples and chips so that was good and also water! There are taps where people refill their bottles but I would not recommend it if you’re not very used to it. Just make sure to throw whatever rubbish you have at the appropriate places and don’t litter.

We took the funicular to other parts of Montserrat but it was meh for me. It was not exceptionally amazing, given that we have already hiked and saw a nice view.

Eventually we headed back at about 5pm (so technically spent about 5h exploring in total) We really knocked out in the train. It was indeed a tiring day after all.


Can you spot me?

And so, #isdiyexplores signing off. Stay tuned for my next post!

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