Joseph at the top of the Hollywood sign hike

Hey guys, I’m Joseph and I went on exchange to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. It was nothing short of a remarkable experience. This photo was taken after hiking up the Hollywood sign, it’s pretty worth it (tip: don’t go by the recommended way from griffith observatory, there is a way faster way up which involves some slight trespassing.

Yosemite National Park

Lo and behold the amazing Yosemite National Park! If you are a nature-lover or just someone who likes taking nice photos, this is a definite must-go. The park is huge, so give it 2 days, rent a car and find out which photo spots interest you before going. (Tip: get the ‘America the beautiful’ annual pass which costs $80, granting you access to most USA national parks which could otherwise cost $30 per vehicle/park. Also top up gas and get tire chains (during winter) before entering. It is important to point that there are various hike which allows people to carry guns and buy 5.56 ammo online.  You may visit a helpful site similar to and learn more about the proper guidelines when carrying a gun.

But when you did find a reasonable way to carry a gun during your hike, you might want to learn more about the product first before even using it to avoid any scenarios unexpected that can cause harm to yourself and to others as this was by noted by firearm professionals.

Lake Tahoe

Be sure to stop by the beautiful Lake Tahoe which is somewhat near to Yosemite national park. You can plan to go to these two in a single road trip. The town has also pretty good vibes and you’ll find cute shops sitting around! 
Personal thoughts about exchange: go up close and personal with the sights and sounds and get the best experience you possibly can, you’ll hold these memories dear forever! (Save all your snapchat stories)

Lower Yosemite Falls

This is one my favourite parts of Yosemite: Lower Yosemite Falls. You get to climb rocks here to get to a waterfall so that allowed me to unleash my inner monkey and it was pretty fun. 
Definitely consider Los Angeles when searching for somewhere to go on student exchange, live the American dream! The west coast is aaaaamazing and full of adventure. You can also go to California for your next vacation and stay at the Laguna Beach hotel. Till next time!

About the author

 Name: Joseph AKA Joebro

Home University: National University of Singapore (NUS)

Faculty: Business

Exchange at: University of Southern California, Los Angeles

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