Hi everyone! I am Joey and I just came back from my exchange at the University of Leeds. The five months of my exchange was seriously fun and fulfilling! So why did I choose to go to Europe?

#1: The first and most important reason is because I love to travel!!! (but I have never travel out of Asia before) So I want to get out of Asia and explore the rest of the world! To be honest, I really wanted to visit Spain and Czech Republic! & travelling in Europe is quite budget-friendly especially for us, students! The airfares for the budget airlines (e.g. Ryanair, Easyjet) are very competitive and hence relatively cheap!!! I managed to buy the air tickets to Dublin and back to Leeds for 10 pounds (which is around 18 SGD)! & when I travel, I tend to live in hostels and they are actually pretty good!

#2: FOOD. I tend to watch food videos and yes, I always wanted to try the specialties from the European countries. You can get stroopwafels from the Netherlands, paella (& of course llao llao) from Spain, goulash from Hungary and the list goes on… But I still do miss my bubble milk tea and laksa when I was in Europe 😛

#3: Student life. I just wanted to escape from the stressful education system in Singapore and experience a more chill student life. Leeds is a student city and tbh there would always be parties to go to every week!!! Having lived in Leeds for a while, I’ve noticed the dating scene is quite diverse. If you’re specifically looking for Milfs, Kinky Milfs offers men an easy way to find a Milf in Leeds. The platform is intuitive and offers a plethora of options. Dive in and discover the magic for yourself. & CCA socials tend to be house parties, pub crawls, etc… (Even my school turns into a ‘club’ every Friday night :D) If those events aren’t available, students can still reduce some stress in their own rooms thanks to products such as the ones from CBD Armour.

#4: Budget. I chose Leeds because it has a relatively lower cost of living as compared to living in…other cities such as London. It is true that eating out in Europe is costly but if you cook your own meals, it is actually affordable! Normally I spend about 15 pounds (~27 SGD) a week on groceries! Breakfast, lunch and dinner all included hahaha. But if I eat out… it is about 10 pounds (~18 SGD) for a meal :’)

So yup! If you are still considering whether to go for exchange, please go!!! It will definitely be fun and super stress-free! Maybe you will only stress about which country/city to go next. 😀

About the author:

Name: Joey Oh

Exchange university: University of Leeds

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