What Singaporean abroad miss the most

Looking back at my exchange, it is normal for Singaporean students to miss home. Family and friends are definitely part of it but let us take a look at the other 9 things that most Singaporean abroad miss the most!

  1. Singlish!

    Don’t know why leh but most of my foreign friends don’t understand what I say when I talk to them in this manner. Sometimes I wonder whether is it my English cui (bad ) or we speak too fast.

  2. Hawker Centre Food

    Singapore is a food paradise and we love our food! Food is easily one of the top things that every Singaporean abroad will miss. The juicy Hainanese Chicken Rice, the crispy Roti Prata, the aromatic spicy Laksa and not forgetting the fragrant Nasi Lemak with chicken wings. Dammmmmmmmm (very) hungry sia ….

    Singaporean Abroad Kuey Tiao

    Fried Kuey Teow

  3. Warm Weather

    The weather in Singapore is predictable and when my foreign friends ask me about the seasons in Singapore, they would be amazed that we only got two seasons – Hot and very hot! Back in Europe, the weather could have drastic changes and Singaporean abroad would need to check the weather forecast the day before to decide on attire for the next day. But back in Singapore, heng ah (lucky) shorts and slippers steady (can) already.

  4. Void decks

    “Lepak” – Chill and relax. With many high rise buildings in Singapore, it is easy to find seats under a flat and have a good chat with friends. The time when the HTHT (Heart to Heart talk) session begins.

  5. Free toilets

    In Europe, entry to toilets usually starts from 0.50 to 2 Euro. Being kiasu (thrifty) , I would endure the build up inside of me till I found a free toilet before I unleash the hydro back into the wild.

  6. Drinking water

    Other than the drinking fountains in certain places in Europe, it is rather difficult to find clean tap water! Miss the times when we could actually drink water from the tap sia!

  7. Convenience

    Do you get Hungry at night? Sadly, there were not many food stalls that operates 24/7! Miss the times when I could just walk 10minutes to grab some yummy Prata lah.

  8. Security

    Singapore is one of the safest country in the world. Miss the times when I could walk out in the streets at night and not kena (getting) rob or chop.

  9. Alcohol prices – NOT

    OK this is the only thing that Singaporean abroad will not miss. Alcohol in Singapore is extremely expensive. One bottle of beer in a Pub could cost you 9 Euro and this could have gotten you 2.5 bottles in a similar pub in Europe! Siao eh (this is crazy)!

With all of these in mind, Singapore is where I truly belong and I welcome our foreign friends visiting to immerse themselves in the local culture and get to know Singapore, the “little red dot” of Asia.

Thank you for reading! Let us know what you miss too by typing in the comments below!

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