Hello everyone this is Pei Ling! Here I am on one of my pet horses, Tinkerbell, on a ride in the Hollywood Hills! When I’m not on set I like to take her out and go on a quick adventure with my riding friends @bellahadid and @gigihadid

JK I’m not a celebrity (though my fans would disagree), I’m just on exchange at the University of Southern California in LA! If you’re too cool for the basic Hollywood sign hike, check out Sunset Ranch for horse rides (and gr8 insta opportunities) in the hills! No experience is needed, just money so anyone can pay to pretend to be a rider like me I’ll be sharing more tips for LA in the upcoming week so stay tuned for more sick recs like these!!!

If you went to LA and didn’t get a golden Cali tan, did you really go to LA? Prove you’re not just a photoshop pro by getting your glow on at the many beaches along the coast! Santa Monica and Venice Beach are the iconic must-goes, but less popular (though still well known) spots like a Manhattan beach and Malibu are also great options.

If you’re tired of suntanning and people watching, you can easily find Groupon deals for trial watersports classes so you can work on that beach bod!!! Surfing is a really fun option (speaking from experience) (two whole hours in a beginner class, surfs up yoooo) so give that a try if you have the time! ‍Visiting a surf shop and taking a surfing class will basically complete the experience.

If you went to America and didn’t get fat, did you really go to America? Once you’re done with the beach you’ll have no need for that beach bod so throw it all away with some good indulgent food!!!

Some food recs (all tried and tested by yours truly):Smorgasburg (Sunday food market with lots of options like the prata taco in the picture) Salt & Straw (DELICIOUS ~ARTISAN~ ICE CREAM) Yupdduk (SUPER spicy Korean rice cake stew)
Albert Coffee House (waffle cone coffee shot for that insta story) Grand Central Market (eggslut for that insta story, also really good coffee) Sun Nong Dan (Korean beef stew) Kung Fu Tea and Boba Time (good bubble tea, tastes like home!!!!) Rose Cafe (fancy-ish place for a fancy-ish brunch) USC Village Dining Hall (if you get your parents to buy you the meal plan, FREE BUFFET STYLE FOOD)

Put on your fancy pants and head to LACMA for a solid day of art appreciation!! After 3pm LA county residents get in FREE so remember to bring your USC student ID to save some bucks!

Optional: spend those dollars on a good breakfast (if you’re a morning person) or brunch (if you know how to enjoy life) before hitting the museum to really up the bougie factor

Also optional: follow the LACMA snapchat for funny snaps of their exhibitions (and also for increasing self esteem and level of sophistication cos omg you’re following a museum on Snapchat)

Like Ryan Gosling wisely said, LA is the city of stars so make sure you catch some (or become one) during your time here!

The Shrine Auditorium regularly hosts great musical acts (like the pictured Glass Animals) and is literally a 2 min walk (if you walk fast) from campus. Their ticket prices are pretty reasonable (it was 18-60 USD for Glass Animals) so check out their website for upcoming acts that you may wanna catch!

Other websites you can use to track your favourite artists/ be notified of cool gigs are DoLA, Songkick (if you already have a fave artist in mind), and of course exchangebuddy!!!!

School spirit is mad high at USC, so if you have the chance, catch the weekender (it’s usually at Stanford or Berkeley like in the pic) football game with your fellow USC friends!!! If you ever want to try betting on this game, sites like 겜블시티 가입 방법 can be relied on.

It’s also a good chance to explore the Bay Area (go to Mama’s in San Fran for AMAZING French toast!!!!) and go on a road trip! I have Towingless as my emergency towing company.

If you can’t catch the weekender, the UCLA-USC game is also a really big deal with a week’s worth of anti- UCLA activities leading up to the big game! Expect free merch (T shirts and bottles!!! If you have shit luck you’ll get a sticker), free food and even a concert!

There are lots of clubs and parties you can go to in LA, but only if you’re over 21!! They’re quite strict with this law and it gets annoying at times but as long as you’re over the legal age and bring your passport around (impt!!! A good number of places don’t take non US IDs or licences) you should be fine!

If you grow tired of the frat parties and clubs, you can also go to a rave or two! This photo was taken at Escape Halloween (shoutout to the best host ever @jenaalstatt !! !! !! Solidifying my position as ur fave!!!!)

Or you can also head to Las Vegas for a weekend for cool DJs and clubs that close later than 2am (g0 h4rd or g0 hOmE!1!!1)

That’s it for LA!!!!

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