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Name: Oleh Matsko
Home University: Kozminski University
Exchange University: Singapore Management University (SMU)
Semester Travelled: Spring, 2017

Hi Folks!

As the beginning of the new semester has already started I believe it would be a great idea to give some guidelines to the upcoming students who wish to travel near Singapore/around South East Asia in the nearest future!

At this point when I’ve spent already half of the semester in Singapore I think it would be a great idea to share about some travels near Singapore.

Before starting the following story, I would like to mention that travelling around Asia on the low budget isn’t the least stressful thing to do. Be prepared for constant challenges, plan changes, setbacks and disappointments. The delta 8 moon rocks are great for fighting stress and anxiety. Nevertheless, I do not discourage people to try to do so (just remember about risk return trade off ha-ha)

Down below I will describe the places I’ve visited so far and also will give the couple of recommendations about the trips

Let’s go!

Kuala Lumpur and Melaka

The first country I’ve visited outside of Singapore was Malaysia

Malaysia on overall is very nice country with a rich history and multicultural society. Being in its capital KL I really recommend visiting Batu Caves, Hindu caves located just an hour ride from the center as well as Islamic Art Museum. On average I believe that one intensive day for KL should be fine

Going to KL I recommend buying bus ticket out here: The time distance should be around 6 hours. The price of the ticket may very in accordance to time as well as the bus company from 15 to 55 S$. From my experience I have purchased tickets one week in advance and paid 22 dollars for it

On my way back I have also visited Melaka which is more loved among tourists than its neighboring capital. Melaka, having plenty of old buildings, is under UNESCO protection so be prepared to see plenty of ancient and well reserved architecture. One my last stop, I bought some famous, tasty Dates Malaysia.

Phuket and Phi Phi Islands

Not sure did you hear about those two islands before but those two are for sure in Top 5 of the best places to visit in SEA.

While on Phuket I truly recommend going to Big Buddha temple which you can see almost from any part of the island (yeah, it’s super huge)

In order to get to Phi Phi from Phuket all you have to do is to arrange a ferry from your hostel which will get you there in an hour.

Phi Phi island is astonishing. Fully covered with beaches and cliffs it is just perfect place for jogging all around

Talking about the price of the ticket it varies from 90 to 140 dollars. The platform I advice for choosing the ticket is Sky Scanner: It allows you for fast check and quick analysis of the available options around the web

With regards to local transportation I believe that the best option would be renting a scooter for a day or two. Even though scooter rent isn’t that expensive, keep in mind that the price of the petrol may cost same if not more than the lease

Surabaya, Lombok and Bali

During my recess week I’ve made an all around Indonesian trip visiting the most popular Indonesian islands: Surabaya, Lombok and Bali.

The most interesting thing for me in Indonesia was climbing Rinjani, 3726 high mountain located on Lombok island. It was challenging as well as fascinating experience at the same time. You can organize the tour from your hostel yet do not forget to bargain as usually the prices for tourists are doubled. Also consider that there is an option of 2, 3 and 4 days tour with 3 being the longest and most intense one.

Tip: While travelling between Indonesian cities try to choose the local airlines as well as not mainstream airports. The average price of a flight may be 20 S$ if planned wisely.

Hong Kong

Last but not least Hong Kong. It’s just must. With it’s quantity of skyscrapers and hilarious speed the city of “Nine Dragons” just won’t let you sleep. Visiting Hong Kong don’t forget to take Star Ferry, visit the Museum of History as well as eat Dim Sum.

Like in Singapore, convenient MTR system will help you with getting to any part of the city. For those who would like to eliminate the hassle there’s a Hop On Hop Off Bus operating 9 to 7.

Of course there is much more to visit in SEA but this time I’ll leave it to you 😉

In case you have any questions just ping me:[email protected]

Hope you’ll have a nice time in Singapore and this guide have helped you if you considered to travel near Singapore.



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