The newly opened multimedia night walk in the Singapore it really a walk on the wild side or worth the travel and cost? Ebuddy breaks it down for you in this post!

These pictures showcase the noteworthy parts of the trail:

Garden of virtues One walks through this dark area to pick up a wristband with a virtue that represents them – ie. teamwork, resilience, diligence


Luminous pathway Illuminated by green lasers, this pathway is spotted with moving light as seen in the picture, while a mysterious feel is set by the music playing in the background.


Sing like an animal Step 1. Sing!! The air is filled with the “Ahhh”s of children and adults.

2. animated animals will appear on the wall in front of the microphones

3. The louder you sing, the more animals will come to life!

Call of the Wild an animated show as a foreground of rocks piled to look like a cave. We shan’t tell you what the story was but the transitions were beautiful.

Light Huts an interesting light effect with red light stream through the huts, you can peer in to see cool artifacts inside!


Shimmering Islands We walked down a path and were suddenly surrounded by this display of glowing Orchids (the national flower of Singapore if you didn’t know).

Play like an animal Hands down the most fun exhibit there, a jump on these colourful steps will be followed by an animal bouncing up on the screen.


In summary, Rainforest Lumina presents the chance for an interesting night where you will be awed by several light shows and is a brilliant chance for photographers (obviously not us) to take lit photos!

However, in terms of cost and travelling time, it isn’t really a bargain. Take note that the event itself does not cater much entertainment or interactivity. That being said, a heightened atmosphere is created in the dark with music constantly playing in the background. The key is to take it as a break from work or studies and go with someone who’ll be able to soak it in the chill vibes with you. We (twentysomethings university students) certainly enjoyed this event though it was a little pricey.

If you’re interested, check out the details below!

Rainforest Lumina
Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Dates: Now until Dec 2018
Opening hours: 7.30pm – 12am (7 entry timings)
Tickets: Adult $22 | Child $16
Purchase online to enjoy 10% savings on Regular days (Mon-Thur & Sun) and 5% savings on Peak and Super Peak days (Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday)

Find out more ie. how to get there and purchase your tickets here:


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