Student Exchange Programme (SEP) Packing List

Let me share with you the packing list that I was using for myself while preparing for my SEP to Sweden. You can use this and adjust accordingly depending on amount of baggage weight you have available and the kind of weather you are expecting to face. For me, I have tailored the packing list in light of the winter weather that I was going to experience in Sweden.

Before you start to pack, there are 2 things you may want to note:

  1. The maximum size luggage you can bring is about 28 inches.
  2. If you have 2 luggages, try to pack your items evenly between the 2 bags so that if one bag goes missing, you will still have your second luggage.


1 Toiletries
  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Floss
  4. Soap & shampoo
  5. Contact lens and solution
  6. Spectacles
  7. Towel
  8. Shaver
  9. Comb
  10. Moisturiser (it can be really dry there)
  11. Lip balm
  12. Nail clipper
2 School items
  1. Laptop + charger + spare charger
  2. Notebooks (to write notes)
  3. Stationery
  4. Calculator
  5. Files
3 Electronics
  1. Universal / European socket adapters (Recommend to 2-3)
  2. Multiplug extension cord
  3. Phone charger / cable
  4. Powerbank
  5. Earpiece
  6. Thumbdrive
  7. Multiple usb port
  8. Sim card tray eject pin key tool and adapter (if needed)
4 Clothes
  1. Outer waterproof & windproof parka x1
  2. Furry / cashmere jacket x1
  3. Simple hoodie jacket x1 (like those you can wear for air-conditioned lessons for 15 degrees or so)
  4. Sweaters x3
  5. Long sleeve tshirts x4
  6. Long sleeve shirts x6
  7. Long john / Uniqlo heat tech x4
  8. T-shirt x3 (to sleep in or summer weather)
  9. Waterproof long pants x1
  10. Jeans x4
  11. Shorts x3 (to sleep in or summer weather)
  12. Bermudas x2
  13. Undergarments x10
  14. Gloves x1 (Preferably touch screen)
  15. Beanie cap x1
  16. Hat / Cap x1
  17. Neck warmer x1
  18. Swimwear x1
5 Footwear
  1. Thick socks x5
  2. Normal socks x4 (Both long and short)
  3. Waterproof & windproof boots
  4. Casual shoes (Sneakers)
  5. Running shoes
  6. Slippers
6 Important items, documents & cards
  1. IC + photocopy
  2. Passport + photocopy
  3. Driving license + International driving permit + Photocopy
  4. Debit/credit cards (record card no.) + ibank token
  5. Residence permit slip (if you have this)
  6. For school items
    1. SEP Partner School Acceptance letter
    2. NUS Approval Letter
    3. Academic Transcript
    4. SEP study plan
    5. Student Matric Card
    6. ISIC card (if you have this)
  7. Insurance Documents
  8. Passport-sized photos
  9. Travel itinerary/e-tickets
  10. Some Foreign Currency (Euro, Host Country Currency)
7 Bags
  1. Sling bag / Small backpack
  2. School bag (Whatever you will use daily)
  3. Trekkin bag (For backpacking. Can double as school bag)
  4. Tote bag (For grocery shopping)
  5. Shoe bag
8 Emergency items
  1. Medication (Minimally vomit, cough, flu, diarrhoea, panadol, headache, charcoal pills)
  2. Thermometer
  3. Plasters
  4. Spare Phone + Battery + Charger
  5. Spare Spectacles
  6. Photocopy and soft copy (Eg in phone, email and Google Drive) of Passport, IC and other valuable documents
  7. Phone IMEI number (Type *#06#)
  8. Insurance contact details
  9. Activate “Find My Phone” functions
9 Vaccinations
  1. Flu
  2. Tetanus
10 Food (Up to you really)
  1. Bak ku teh Sachets
  2. Other instant mix or easy cook stuff.
  3. Campbell soup
  4. Instant noodle packets (Maggi, Korean spicy noodle etc)
  5. Milo / Milk Tea
  6. Chicken Stock Cubes
  7. Vacuum Sealed Bak Gua
  8. Chilli Sauces
11 Miscellaneous
  1. Vacuum / Thermal Flask or Water bottle
  2. Travel pillow
  3. Hangers
  4. Heat packs
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Alarm clock
  7. Watch
  8. Plastic bags
  9. Ziplock bags (Daiso vacuum travel ones are handy)
  10. Camera + Batteries + Charger
  11. Flexible small lock
  12. Spare Wallet
  13. Spare batteries
12 Optional Comfort Items
  1. Portable speaker
  2. External Hard Drive (Fill with movies! And backup your computer)
  3. Multi-USB charger
  4. Poker Cards (and other card games eg Saboteur)
  5. Frisbee
  6. Utensils
  7. Tupperware Box
  8. Selfie Stick and Remote
  9. Waterproof pouch/bag to carry valuables
  10. Router & Ethernet cable
  11. Rice Cooker
  12. Luggage weighing scale
  13. Raincoat/umbrella
  14. Carabiners
  15. Ear Plugs
  16. Google Translate App w/ offline language
  17. Offline Google Maps (for the areas you are going to)
  18. Heads Up Charades (SG Version is fun)
13 Remember to do SAF Overseas Notification (for guys) Notify if less than 6 months.

If more than 6 months, apply for exit permit.


I would also like to highlight certain items that could potentially be a life-saver!

Items Why You Need It?
Universal / European Socket Adapters If you are going to Europe, I would recommend the Europe-specific adapters over the universal ones. While they serve the same purpose, the  Europe-specific ones can fit into the socket better without the risk of it falling out compared to the universal ones due to its circular cover. See here for picture.
Multiplug extension cord This is very much a necessity. Get the ones from Singapore, as those sold in Europe are only meant for their 2 pin plugs. If you buy one there, you’ll need 4 adapters to go with it, which is absolutely ridiculous.
Clothes Do read up online on layering so that you know what to buy. General rule is that the outermost jacket and your boots should be windproof and waterproof. Quantities are up to personal preference.
International Driving Permit I prepared this in Singapore for S$20, but honestly, it might not be necessary as our driving license is in English. Still, it would be good to have. If you would like to read up on the application process, you can see here.
Sling bag / Small backpack This is a MUST-BRING! If not, you will find yourself lugging your huge backpack as you explore the place. Get a small backpack/sling bag, and leave your backpack in the hostel as you walk around.
Phone IMEI Number This is your phone’s unique identification number. It’s to help you track down if that phone is really yours. However it may not be important when you are overseas.
Vaccinations Optional. I recommend at least those standard travel vaccines. Most guys should be fine for tetanus as you took a shot during National Service.
Food Bring whatever you want. Personally, Campbell soup was a lifesaver whenever I was saving money. Bakkwa for Chinese New Year is a plus too! (Check the country’s regulations first for the food that you bring in.)
Vacuum / Thermal Flask EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  Helps keep your hot and cold drinks the way they should be. Otherwise, bring a normal water bottle along with you as most places charge you for water in Europe (you will be drinking tap water very frequently).
Flexible Small Lock Something like this would be very useful. At times you might find yourself staying in a hostel whereby you need to either rent their locks or use your own lock for their lockers. I found this lock to be one of the most versatile ones as it fits into a wide variety of different lock holes.
Router & Ethernet cable Another item I would deem as necessary. Your hostel may not provide it and it may be expensive to buy there. A simple one in Singapore may cost around S$25-30, while the ones sold in Sweden may cost at least S$50.
Rice Cooker

Extremely useful for cooking rice and it can also double as a steamboat hot pot (Singapore style!)

I bought a Sona SRC2072 model for myself for $42.90 from Courts. It’s a small one that weighed about 2 kg and can cook servings for 2-3 people.

Luggage weighing scale Very useful to have before flying off at the end.
Offline Google Map and Translate Useful to have before arriving at a foreign place.

Have fun packing 🙂

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