This week we interviewed our friend, Melanie to hear her perspective on whether Summer School in China was a ride or die ~ Welcome to Part I: The technicalities; a guide to module planning and general costs.


  • Home University: National University of Singapore
  • University of Exchange: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
  • When: Summer of Year 1 – July 2018, for 3 weeks
  • Course of Study: Biomedical Sciences

Academia in summer school: A nugget of advice for NUS BME kids! 

** do note that if you’re taking a core module, the grade will be transferred – in other words, you won’t be able to freeze your CAP.

  • 1 module: BN2202 Introduction to Biotransport
  • 40% group project, 1 essay 1 quiz
  • 2 of the Profs are local, and the other 2 are from NUS
  • Content is easier and shorter (despite and maybe perhaps because 13 weeks of content are squeezed into 3 weeks)
  • Conclusion: I’d highly recommend going for Summer School to clear a module! There was probably a bit of inflated marking which meant most people did well overall – your CAP wouldn’t be frozen but it would probably be pulled up (helpful if you predict that this module would be burdensome in Year 2 or you would prefer not to s/u it because it’s a prerequisite)

Our group project was designing a transport system for water – this is the final look!

Other considerations:

  • Did you go with friends? Nope, I only knew 1 other BME student before going
  • Accommodations? A student dormitory which was a 10-15 min walk from Zhejiang University (and along the food stretch too) all paid for by NUS. However, when I extended my stay by 1 night with my friend to catch the flight back to Singapore, we shared a bill of about $60 SGD.
  • How were school fees like? They amounted to a grand total of $8. We actually only had to pay NUS Special Term fees ($808) for the Profs who went over to Hangzhou with us but the NUS China bursary covered $800 in costs. This bursary is widely available to NUS students who embark on exchange in China so do remember to apply!

Considering these technical things, Summer School in Hangzhou was WORTH and I’d 10/10 recommend it! However, if you want to take the experience into consideration – stay tuned for my next post 🙂

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