One of the most concerning aspects in preparing for an exchange has to involve visa application. I’ve heard stories from family and friends about problems when it comes to visa application. It is of utmost importance to read up and research on different immigration websites like to know more about the application process before venturing abroad and have a peace of mind while having an education in the school of your choice. They can also tell you how to receive for a k-1 visa and other Visa options. The bottom-line always lies with how important it is to get it settled as early as possible so that it would not pose much complication. You can check out Violence Against Women’s Act(VAWA)  for immigration issues.

Having gone through and almost completing my exchange program in Sweden, I’m here to offer some tips over the application process for a residence permit.

The application process is very simple but it can only be done once you receive confirmation of the acceptance from your Swedish exchange school. The acceptance email would usually come along with a letter of acceptance from the school, as well as confirmation on an insurance policy that is mandatory but would have been settled by the school.

Once you have that, you would be good to go with your residence permit application. All you would have to do is to head on over to this webpage: and you would just have to fill in the necessary details and attach the important documents on the portal. The payment that you would have to make would amount to 1500 SEK, an exorbitant $250.

After the residence permit application is complete, you would receive another email from the Swedish Migration Agency. This time, there would be an email sent to you to collect your decision from Swedish Embassy in Singapore which is located at 111 Somerset.

Collect the decision and bring along with you to Sweden. You would, have to book an appointment to go to the Swedish Migration Agency in Sweden. On the portal, you would be able to choose the Migration Agency located nearest to you and book your appointment slots on

Once you are in Sweden’s Migration Agency, you would have your photo and biometrics taken. Within 2 weeks you would receive your residence permit card and Voila! You would be done with your application.

It’s as simple as this! So here’s recap on what you should do:

  1. Wait for the acceptance and relevant documents in the email from Sweden’s exchange University
  2. Apply for the residence permit on
  3. Collect your decision at Singapore’s Swedish Embassy located at 111 Somerset
  4. Bring the decision to Sweden
  5. Book an appointment slot in Sweden and have your biometrics taken
  6. Wait and collect your residence permit card!

I hope this information has been useful for you and thank you for taking some time to read this piece of article!

Appreciate it!

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