In the age of social media, I am pretty sure Instagram is one of the most browsed apps for us young people (and the young at heart). However, not many people know that it can actually be utilized as a travel tool! If you’re a die-hard fan of someone on Instagram, there are actually services that offer information about activity log instagram so you get updated with their lives.

If you are embarking on exchange and are intending to travel a lot, why not use an app that you frequently browse (to stalk people) as a travel tool as well!

Location Tool

Most Instagram posts contain location tags that go with their photos.

If you are headed to Paris and would like to check out their coolest landmarks and restaurants, simply search for “Paris” under the Places function.

The great thing about Instagram is that it includes all posts that weren’t necessarily tagged as “Paris”, but are tagged as a place within Paris!

For example, a post with the tagged location of Montmartre (A district in Paris) would appear in the feed when a user searches for Paris.

With that, you can just explore and scroll through the feed and check out any posts that might interest you. If any particular post catches your eye, it is highly possible that the location of that landmark/restaurant/place would be included in the tag or caption!

Alternatively, you could just send a DM to the user of the post and ask for tips and recommendations!

City-Based Instagrammers

Many accounts on Instagram are constantly updated to keep their followers up to date about the latest happenings in their city. To search for these accounts, simply search for the city name along with a keyword like “plan” or “secrets”.

Here are some city-based Instagrammers to follow:

Paris, @paris_tourisme, @mylittleparis

New York

@fomofeed, @newyork_instagram, @nyctips_


@munichlifestyle, @hiddenmunich

Foodies On Instagram

Looking for the best recommendations for places to eat? Check out those Instagram Foodies!

These accounts are filled with mouth-watering photos of food, and a lot of them have the restaurants tagged to their post. Simply search for the name of any city with the keyword “food”.

For example, doing a simple search of “Paris Food” will get you results of various Foodstagrams form Paris!

Some Foodies I follow in Paris are @paris.foodguide, and @parisfoodies.

ExchangeBuddy Instagram

Feeling a sense of wanderlust? There are a ton of travel inspiration accounts on Instagram. Do start off with @Exchangebuddy on Instagram to find out which sweet spots around the world students are headed to!

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