Top questions when traveling to Warsaw City.

Hello everyone, here is a list of common questions that tourist would have in mind prior to their visit to Warsaw City. I will be updating the list as time goes so feel free to ask any more questions through the “comment” function.

  1. Does the Warsaw Chopin airport have wifi?

Yes, wifi is available at the airport

  1. Airport transfer to Warsaw City.

To Centrum ( Central ), take bus 175/188. These buses will bring you to the city center. Alternatively, check out this link with the details on it.

For cab, it is recommended to use Uber rather than flag down because tourist might not be able to converse with the taxi driver and get overcharged.

  1. Security and Places to avoid.

In my opinion, Warsaw city is generally safe and I did not feel threatened when walking around at night. However, it is common to come across drunk people at night, especially in the drinking districts near Centrum. Praga district is dangerous for tourist so do be alert if you intend visit that area.

  1. Cards/Money withdrawal

Regarding cards, I would recommend withdrawing money with a Citibank debit card. Reason being that you would lose out in two currency conversion rates if you use the Singapore > Euro > Zloty conversion. Alternatively, you could exchange your Singapore dollar to Zloty in some money changers but only a few accept Singapore dollars. Visa could be used in various ATMs to withdraw money but they come with a transaction cost and you would need to check with your bank.

  1. Transport system in Warsaw City: How is transportation system – buses, train etc. Any time to avoid taking public transport? Buying of train pass.

Public transportation around Warsaw is extensive. You can always hop onto a bus or train from 0500 till 2300. After which, metro is limited but there are night buses that operates at late night which runs every hour.

I would recommend avoiding 0700-0830 and 4.30pm – 6.30pm for public transport because that is when most people get on/off work.

“Warsaw has an extensive bus and tram system criss-crossing the city as well as a good metro system running from north to south and a second line that opened in March 2015 running east to west. Over 1,500 buses operate in and around the city, and most run from between 05:00 and 23:00. After that night buses run on most routes twice every hour. All night buses display the letter N, followed by a two-digit number. ‘Fast buses’ (marked with red digits) skip the smaller stops.

Tickets (all valid for use on metro, bus and tram) can be bought from some kiosks bearing the green and yellow RUCH logo, or anywhere with a sign reading Bilety. There are now also a series of ticket machines with instructions in English dotted around the city, and English transcription are printed on tickets.

A standard public transport single ticket costs 4.40zł. If you’re travelling to the further reaches of Warsaw you’ll be needing a ticket that covers both zones 1 and 2 – these are priced at 7zł. Note that the airport is in Zone 1. Still with us? Good. There is also a 20 minute ticket priced at 3.40zł. Tickets valid for 24 hrs are priced at 13 or 26zł if travelling through both zones. They have also introduced a new weekend ticket (available from 19:00 on Friday till 08:00 on Monday) which costs 24 zł (also a weekend group ticket is available for up to 5 people and costs 40 zł). Those over 70 ride for free, as do children up until the end of September of the year they turn 7. (Really. Probably makes sense with vodka. Have proof of age ID handy in both cases.) Everyone else pays full fare unless in possession of an ISIC card (in which case you must be 26 and under). This entitles you to buy a reduced ticket (ulgowy) which costs approximately 50% of the full fare.

You can buy single tickets from machines on most trams and busses or from the driver, though you must have exact change. Once you’ve got a ticket you will need to validate it in one of the box-style kasowniks, thus activating the magnetic strip on the back. On the metro this must be done before you get on board. It is no longer necessary to buy an extra ticket for animals or large pieces of luggage. Plain clothes ticket inspectors regularly stalk the lines, dishing out 266zł for those without valid tickets (we understand quick payment results in the fine being lessened). They often don’t look very official and you are within your rights to request identification, or even do as the locals do, and attempt to bargain them down.”

The above information is adapted from inyourpocket and you can check out the full article at this link.

IMPORTANT : Do not try to save money and avoid purchasing transport tickets. The fine is not worth the “savings” and many of my friends got caught despite my advice to get it.

  1. What to see? What to do?

    1. Chopin Museum
    2. Ice skating at the National Stadium
    3. Chopin Fountain
    4. Old Town
    5. Palace of Culture and Science – For a view of Warsaw City
  2. Food

Polish food is awesome. Do try their local food such as Pierogi, Zapiekanka, Tomato soup etc. You can get good quality food with 5-10euros. However, most restaurants close around 2200. If you are hungry at night, the most common food available would be fast food or Kebab stalls.

  1. Particular or important things that every tourist should know

    1. Do not Jay-Walk. It is illegal to cross the road when the traffic light is not green and you can get a fine for that.

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