Planning the travelling budget of your next vacay? Deciding which airline to book your tickets from? Wondering which touristy locations to visit once you land? Etc etc? While this process can be exciting and overwhelming all at once, what most of us tend to overlook is the importance of securing a travel insurance policy while away from home. For starters, travel insurance is a policy designed to provide financial aid and protection to solve unexpected and unforseen problems or events that negatively impact a traveller’s trip outside his or her hometown. It is inclusive of 2 broad types of insurance : Trip Cancellation and Medical.




  • Cancelling Your Trip Last Minute – You will be reimbursed the non-refundable portion of your flight flight cost! 

  • Uncalled for return to home from your trip – You will be provided with the necessary financial expenses to ensure that you return home on time due to an accidental situation or personal reason.


  • Emergency Medical Costs – Unlike your domestic health insurance policy, a travel insurance policy will cover your medical expenses if you fall sick or get an injury while you are on your trip.

  • Repatriation of Remains / Dismemberment / Accidental loss of life – If any incident costs you your life (god forbid), the expenses to send your remains back home will be covered.


  • Misplacement or Delay of Baggage Arrival – This one’s frustrating and is highly likey to happen to us or already has been experienced by us, and that’s why, thank god to travel insurances! They will cover anything from loss or delay of the arrival of your baggage, or pay for the reimursement for the additional costs that you have to incur from losing your personal belongings.

  • Others – Fret not! There are multiple aspects of travelling that are also taken care of by a travel insurance depending on which one you purchase. The other factors include : Delay of flight, emergency cash transfer, need of airport service or assistance, renting a private transport, flight accidents and many more!



This type of insurance policy is covers many of the factors that have been mentioned under the trip cancellation insurance. However, it’s selling point is that it provides medical coverage for any level of medical care that is needed.Hence, it is much more feasible to have a medical insurance when on a longer trip!



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