Yiqing, who went on exchange at University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Hey guys my name is Yiqing, I went on exchange at University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton??. 

Took a short weekend trip to Maine and it was truly a refreshing getaway from school. A couple of things you can do here: 1) take a few hikes in the Acadia National Park. Highly recommend the Precipice trail if you’re looking for something different and slightly more adventurous- it is a mostly vertical hike at the edges of the Champlain Mountain with iron rungs and ladders for you to maneuver your way up! 
2) Head to Bar Harbor for a sumptuous lobster dinner with amazing ambience after your hike! 
3) go for boat tours (dolphin-watching, lobster-catching etc.!)
Maine is definitely a great place to go if you’re near the north-east of U.S. and looking for a short getaway! 🙂

Sea to Sky Gondola

Short stopover at Vancouver before visiting the Canadian Rockies: went to the Sea to Sky Gondola and although it’s q a touristy place (with spectacular views nonetheless), the drive to Squamish was filled with amazing sceneries along the highway!! ? featuring our favorite Jeep which is def. the best car for a road trip if you have a bigger group. 
P.S. If you happen to be in Vancouver, do visit the Phnom Penh Restaurant for some deliciousssss Vietnamese/Cambodian food (their butter beef and chicken wings make the queue worth it) ?

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is really so beautiful and breathtaking. Our first stop was Lake Louise (the lake in the bg) in Banff where we took the Plain of Six Glaciers hike! Hike up to the famous teahouse for some hot snacks before continuing up towards the glaciers! It took us a total of 5+ hours to and fro, but definitely worth it. 

Too beautiful to open my eyes ☺️ One of my favorite in the Rockies!! 


Concluded our Canadian Rockies trip with Jasper as our last stop! More spectacular lakes/ glaciers/ falls~ The Canadian Rockies is really so amazing and literally one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. ?

P.S. It can get pretty cold here, esp at this time of the year! Invest in a good and warm headgear (and rmb to bring it out with you) or end up using your scarf and look like this ? (ears literally felt like they were gonna fall off ?)

Northern Lights at Yellowknife

Shall end off with a photo of the Northern lights! Super lucky to have arrived in Yellowknife on one of the nights when the aurora is most active! The whole sky was literally lit up with dancing green lights accompanied by the stars at one point! ? 
For those thinking of traveling in Canada, WestJet is one of the best budget airlines I’ve ever taken. Their service is beyond awesome. On our way to Yellowknife, the crew announced and alerted everyone on board to look out of the windows as we were cruising past a streak of dancing lights. Their banters/jokes when giving out mandatory pre-flight safety instructions were really impressive. Lastly, we wouldn’t have made it on our flight back home from Yellowknife if not for their wonderful on-ground crew (we woke up 45 mins before our flight departure time ?) Thanks WestJet!! Alright, that’s all from me! 

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Name: Yiqing

Home University: National University of Singapore (NUS)

Exchange at: University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton??

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